6 Places You Must Visit When in Pattaya

1 Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden

The Nong Nooch (pronounced “nong-noot”) Village offers a large variety of things to do. You will be led along the colorful walkways that will take you to beautifully themed gardens like the topiary garden, the French garden, European Renaissance garden, and more.

One of the highlights of this place is the orchid garden. You will find rare and unique breeds of orchids here. The tropical weather is perfect for the plant, which is why they are able to grow so many different types of them. Also, the village also hosts performances for traditional Thai arts like dances, sword fighting, kickboxing, elephant shows and many more. It’s a perfect place to enjoy both the natural wonders and the cultural heritage of the country. We recommend you sign up for a half-day tour at the village to get the most out of your time here, and it also includes a pickup and drop-off as well.

2 Jomtien Beach

The Jomtien beach is where you can enjoy the best beach experience in Pattaya without half the crowds. Bring along a towel, because you will be lying on the beach for a while. You’re more than welcome to take refuge from the blazing sun in the cool shades of one of the trees that line the beach.

If you’re looking for some beachside activities to do, there are all types of watersports that you should try out. Jet-skiing, kitesurfing, parasailing, and windsurfing, they’re all here! There are countless seaside restaurants that you can try out. Last but not least, if you’re with your family, take them to the Cartoon Network Amazone, the newly opened themed-waterpark to enjoy the fun rides and a chance to get to meet the famous characters in real life!.

3 Sanctuary of Truth

If you’re into a more cultural trip, then this is perfect for you. It’s proclaimed as "the magnificence of heaven recreated on Earth,", the wooden temple is packed with intricate wood carvings and sculptures. You will learn a lot about Buddhist teachings like the philosophies, legends, and stories. You will have a chance to enjoy the cultural shows like Thai boxing, elephant trekking and horseback riding. There’s also a river nearby that you can take a speedboat out on.

4 Wat Yansangwararam

Buddhism is not just a religion in Thailand, but its teachings are ingrained in the people’s way of lives, and the temples (called wat) are where the communities gather for local events. Wat Yansangwararam is no different in disregard but on a much grander scale. The wat is wonderfully designed and decorated. The temple was built in 1988 and was dedicated to King Rama IX to commemorate the anniversary of his 42nd-year reign.

Ancient sacred Buddhist relics are put on displayed in the main complex which has a walkway that leads to the lake with Chinese-style pavilions.On the sides of the stairways leading to the temple are 2 Naga snakes awaiting your arrival, and you must climb 299 steps to reach the main temple. It’s a place full of symbolism and history. If you’re interested in the history of Thailand and its connection with Buddhism, here is the place to go.

5 Big Buddha (Wat Phra Yai)

Another famous landmark of Pattaya, Wat Phra Yai, or the Big Buddha Temple, is a serene temple sitting atop the Pratamnak Hill on the south side of Pattaya. As you approach the main complex of the temple, you will see the stairs with 2 Nagas on the sides. Once you’re fronted with the stairs, you will see the golden Buddha statue on top of the hill. Many locals believe it to be the place to come to pray for good health, happiness and business prosperity. On top of the hill, you will get the full view of the Pattaya city and the bay. It’s a nice place to spend your afternoon.

6 Koh Larn (Coral Island) Day Trip

The Larn (pronounced “laan”) island located just 30 minutes off the shore of Pattaya by speedboat, or 45 minutes by ferry. It’s a peaceful little island where you can escape from the buzzing and chaotic Pattaya city. You will find many clear and quiet beaches with food stalls along their lengths. If you’re into watersports, you can find shops that offer seaside extreme sports like parasailing, banana boat rides, and underwater Sea Walking. We suggest you go down to Tien, Nual, Same and Tawaen beaches, as those are the best places to enjoy most of what the island has to offer.