Interesting Activities You Must Do When In Phuket

Go Beach Hopping

Most people who go to Phuket just end up on the main beaches and never stray out of them. While they are large, vibrant, and fun, they’re not nearly all that Phuket has to offer in terms of beautiful beaches.

We suggest you rent a bike or a car and head over to Banana beach, Kata Noi, Nai Thon, and Surin. Those are the best beaches where you can just sit back, listen to the sound of the waves and just relax. Also, if you want to go for a swim, these beaches are guaranteed to have clearer water than the main beaches. If you’re up for it, just grab some snorkeling gears and have your own sealife tour near the shore.

Paddle Out

If you’re looking to work on your surfing skills while you’re in Phuket, head over to Surf House Phuket to enjoy your day there They have a wave pool that you can ride an endless wave on, as well as a stand-up paddling that you can hire to go out to sea with. The vibe here is amazing, too. You will find the coolest people, great music, and exciting events here if you’re lucky. They have 2 locations in Phuket, one in Kata and one in Patong, so be sure to drop by if you’re into watersports.

Go Scuba Diving in Phuket

The Andaman side of Thailand is known to have deep, blue water and beautiful coral reefs, and Phuket is known to have some of the best diving spots. As you take a dive in these areas, you will be greeted by tropical fish and colorful corals that you will remember for life! Talk to a local dive shop and ask about a tour to Hin Daeng and Hin Muang dive sites, as those are among the most sealife-rich areas in Phuket. Be sure to choose a reputable dive school to get the best price and experience possible.

Phuket is a mountainous area, meaning that there are many lookouts you can trek up to. One of the most popular of these lookout points is at Karon View Point that lets you gaze down to the open Andaman sea on one side, and 3 smaller bays on the other. It’s a good activity for tourists who love trekking, but the on in Karon Point might be a bit crowded during the peak part of the day. So, if you’re interested, here are some more secluded lookouts and viewpoints that you can try to explore.

Try Kiteboarding

Another option for those adrenaline junkies out there. Kiteboarding is exactly what the name suggests. You slap a board on the water, you get a big, big parachute, shoot them up and you let the wind take you. If this is something that you’re interested in, then we suggest you take a class. There are trial lessons for beginners and an advanced class for the experts who are looking to do some cool tricks to woe the crowd.

Gaze at The Karon Viewpoint

   - Ya Nui Viewpoint

    - Khao Rang Hill

    - Radar Hill Viewpoint

    - Kata Noi Viewpoint

Phuket is an island full of adventures. There’s no reason for you to not go out there and make your own stories! So if you’re ever in Thailand, be sure to come down to Phuket and create a memory that you will remember forever.