The Best Markets to Visit in Phuket

Chillva Market

The Chillva Market is one of those trendy markets well-recognized by the younger generation. It is chic and modern, with shops in cargo containers and a vast area full of white tents. You can find the Chillvat Market on Yarowat Road in the direction of Phuket Town. It’s open every Thursday to Saturday from 4 to 11pm. If you’re visiting Phuket on other days though, don’t worry - the cargo container shops are open every day.

This market is a great place to get items made by local brands and small boutiques - don’t come expecting to find a ton of fake Adidas. There are also several food spots and bars. Sit-down restaurants are available, but for a truly authentic market experience, we recommend that you grab some bites while roaming the market. Everything is cheap - eat all you want!

Phuket Walking Street

The Walking Street is located inside Phuket’s Old Town. It’s quite easy to find - just find the biggest and most beautiful building in the area with lots of people flocking around. Clothes, handmade items, food, and much more can be found here. Don’t miss the chance to try the local delicacies - you won’t get anything else like it anywhere in Thailand. There’s even horseshoe carb here, and honestly, you need to taste this one.

Phuket Weekend Market

It’s food, clothing, and electronics galore at the Phuket Weekend Market. Also known as the Naka Market, it is often compared to the Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok, thanks to its huge size and wide range of things for sale. You could even pick up a new furry friend to become a member of your family here! Food is aplenty, so whether you’re looking for a snack or a meal, head on down and bring some friends so you can taste as many dishes as possible. As always, for the best market experience, eat as you roam.

Phuket Indy Market

This market is also quite close to Phuket Old Town. It’s smaller than many of the other markets on this list, but it’s just as worth a visit. Young, local Thais love this market, and often flock here on Thursdays and Fridays to support their favorite local clothing brands and grab a new pair of sunglasses. As with every Thai market, Phuket Indy Market is a great place to grab some bites, and you’ll find everything from Thai tea smoothies to grilled meat skewers. You probably won’t spend hour after hour roaming the market, but it’s definitely worth a short visit.

Malin Plaza

Unlike Phuket Indy Market, Phuket Weekend Market, and Chillva Market, Malin Plaza is open every day. The vendors set up on tabletop stalls, cargo containers, and much more under a metal roof that will provide some refuge in the chance that it rains. This is a fantastic place to buy those loose Thai pants you’ve been wanting to get. You can also pick up some silk scarves and other souvenirs to take back home while you’re there. The food is fantastic as always, so whether you’re looking for a seafood fix or just a local Thai snack, Malin Plaza’s got you covered. There’s plenty to see here, so on any old weekday night, be sure to hit this market!