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Cable Rides Asia Pattaya

ดี, 6.5

1.4K รีวิว

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You’ll feel like a bird as they fly through the air. You’ll feel like a great monkey as they swing across trees. You’ll be a part of them as you experience undamaged natural places on earth. Enjoy 3 kilometres of cable ride, the longest cable ride in Asia, flying from one tree to the next. You can see breathtaking views from our 20 designed platforms at the perched high in the tree. Not only a view of Kao Yai Da National Rainforest but also many popular sightseeing, from white beaches of the Rayong Coastline to the beautiful island of Koh Samet. Our treetop platforms may be the better spot to see significant views than anywhere else in Thailand. You can find an excitement as well as relaxation that you’ll never get from somewhere else except for on 16 separate cable rides which make your adrenaline run through your body and give you new memorable views.


  • Cable Rides Asia Pattaya will be closed for renovation.

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