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โรงแรมแอลเค รอยัล สวีท พัทยา

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Real reviews from real guests

No twin beds

We booked a 1 bed suite with twin beds for father and son. On arrival we were told all rooms have double beds. No effort by reception to help overcome the problem. Son slept on the floor.

/ Tue,Jun 18, 2019


"Big room"

I stayed at the Royal Suite for the last 2 weeks of November 2011.It was a good experience.Reception staff were friendly and got on with their job. Pool staff and maids were lovely. Pool area was great. We ate lunch which was really nice and not overly pricy compared with local restaurants. The suite was well designed. i liked that there was a door to the bedroom rather than open plan so you didn't disturb anyone sleeping whilst you relaxed in the lounge/kitchen area.

/ Tue,Jun 18, 2019


LK group hotels - nice but too expensive

customer should be aware, that if he books a deluxe room, he will be booked in a side building across the road (the mainbuilding only has the suites).
that means to access the very nice swimming pool. you have to go down to street level, cross the street, cross the restaurant, cross the lobby and then 2 floors up by elevator to reach the pool.
the pool is one of the nicest I have seen, and there is a pool bar where you can order food & drink.
all personnel is friendly (not necessarely well trained though).
the room itself looks beautiful on first look, but it is not really quality built. in the bathroom the grout between the tiles is already brown and some of it is loose.
they didn´t pay any attention to the location of electricity outlet. for instance there is no outlet for your laptop near the working table. you have to put you laptop on the dresser table. the same goes for an outlet to charge your telephone, not easy to find one.

During our stay there was no attention paid to the balcony, in other words it was not cleaned.
TV reception with the exception of a few channels is not very good, always snow in the picture.
they have wireless internet (250 Baht or 1000 Baht) which is not very fast, but ok.
the location is in the quiet section of soi bhokau, not much going on there. but you can easy walk to central Pattaya road where you find shops.

all in all, a quite pleasant hotel, but too expensive for what you get. Hotels2Thailand offers other hotels below these rates that have the same or better facilities. I would probably book it again in the low season when prices are more realistic.

after 3 days we moved to LK´s newest hotel, the LK Renaissance. A nice touch was that the Royak suite people provided a car and driver to move, without charge.
the LK Renaissance is another classic nice LK hotel. the upper floors are still under construction. the rooms are tastefully decorated and comfortable. the nice thing is that you have a widescreen (42 inches) LCD TV in all rooms and for a change, clear reception of most channels. Satellite TV including star movies and many ther movie channels.
the swimmingpool is not as fancy as the one in Royal suites, but due to the size and depth, the water temperature in December is ok, unlike most other hotel pools in Pattaya that are too cold at this time.
they will have a problem with the pool though, bran new and already plenty tiles falling off. my son and I had 3 accidents; the edges of the steps leading into the pool are razor sharp and we got ugly cuts twice. also stepping out of the pool onto the surrounding terrace (marble type), I fell twice, the tiles are extremely slippery. also a shame that they forgot to build a storage room for pool equipment. the mattresses for the sunbeds are stored outside the guestrooms in the corridors. there is also no pool bar or any drink/food service available.
again, a pleasant hotel with friendly staff, but overpriced for what you get.

/ Tue,Jun 18, 2019


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