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โรงแรมชูการ์ ฮัท

391/18 หมู่10 ถนนทัพพระยา เมืองพัทยา 20260, ชลบุรี
ดี, 6.5
402 รีวิว

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โรงแรมชูการ์ ฮัท

รีสอร์ทตกแต่งในสไตล์เรือนไทยแบบผสมผสาน ให้ความรู้สึกเรียบง่าย สบาย ผ่อนคลาย การบริการได้มาตรฐาน

รีสอร์ทยอดนิยมระดับ 3-ดาว แห่งนี้มีสิ่งอำนวยความสะดวกชั้นยอดมากมายไว้คอยบริการแก่ลูกค้าภายในห้องพักทั้ง 28 ห้อง.

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Real reviews from real guests

Cozy and Peaceful Place to Sta

I had to go a wedding there and was not sure what to expect in an area near Pateya. I was pleasently surprised that each place was very individual and separate from the rest. The bed was very comfortable and all the needs in one place. I did not want to venture out into Pateya as I was not really interested, but this was a haven away from that. I felt safe and fully rested. Food was excellent as well.

/ United States / Mon,Feb 08, 2016


Used to be a good resort, but that's ages ago

I was visiting this resort once a year since 2004. Last time in september / october 2010. It used to be a beautiful secret in Pattaya. The location is still good, but the whole resort is very down by bad managing and poor maintenance. Every year less guest want to stay here of the poor image this resort got over the last few years.
The rooms are very small, simple and dark. The air condition is very old and noisy and in some rooms not working proper anymore. It’s too cold when it's on and to warm when you switch the aircon off.
The bathroom is nearly unacceptable and not clean.
Many of the lights in the rooms and outside are broken. If they change lights they use energy saving bulbs and the light looks very cold, because most of them without any lampshade.
The restaurant got an award in 2004 for good food, but now you'll be very disappointed by the average but expensive food and the dirty table cloth. They don’t change the table cloth for days, may be weeks and you see the dirt from other guests food. The stuff looks like feeling very bored and sometimes you have to wait for 30 or 45 minutes before anybody will come to serve you for breakfast or dinner.
Over the years less stuff is working there, because no guests coming there anymore
The swimming pools (they have 3) are under bad conditions. They just cleaning the party pool, all other are dirty and you don’t want to use. At daytime foreign people coming for swimming in the party pool. They are very noisy. When they are leaving the ground, nobody is taking the rubbish away, sometimes for days.
It´s really sad to see how the resort is running down.
After 6 years faithfull guest I decided not to return to this poor place.

/ Tue,Jun 18, 2019


Nice but really quiet and getting old

The hotel knew nothing about the reservation I made through It took 1 hour to check-in (first they refused to check us in). There were very few customers when we went, may be due to economy. The living room is really nice. This place has always been our favorite, but this time it's a little too quiet and the air con was not cool enough.

/ Tue,Jun 18, 2019


Good location and surroundings but needs upgrading

Very pleasant and calm tropical garden surroundings, excellent location close to downtown Pattaya or Jomtien , 3 good size pools, very good (pricey)thai restaurant.
Service is amateurish, local standard: check-in staff had no clue about my arrival and had to rumble through a ton of paperwork to finally find my booking. Wi-Fi access from chalet poor if at all functioning. Laid back staff attitude, though they try to be halpful, but obviously they lack proper training to keep up with the claimed standard.
Villas need refurbishing, better lighting, insulation and generally an updrade to more modern standard and amenities. Felt a bit like camping at times.
Pools can use a workover as well, most jets in jacuzzi did not work, chipped tiles, etc.. but the water was clean and not full of chlorine.
At the price charged, I find this place average value only. If you can trade some comforts and service expectations for a real good location and quiet, garden setting, the place has it's charm, though priced too high for the accommodation and service overall level.
At slightly higher prices, the rabbit resort on Dong taen beach, is better value.

/ Tue,Jun 18, 2019


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