Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellness Phuket

ค้นหา สปา ในประเทศไทย

Bliss of life

Sukko Spa, therefore, is the abode of mental and physical blissfulness interwoven with traditional Thai culture. It is enriched by sense of mutual sharing combined with the ultimate in ancient Thai wisdom to serve unique individual needs and bring enhanced happiness to people form all walks of life.

The world's first cultural spa

Sukko Cultural Spa Wellness is the world's first cultural spa with the unique Thai cultural service and design of architect derived from the ancient capital of Siam, with three categories of rooms and 160 treatment beds in the new five-star day spa in Phuket with more than 12,000 Sq m. spa area and full wellness facilities. We provide individual spa packages based on the philosophy of Thai Ayuraveda and other ancient wisdom descended through the generations, and they can be tailored to fit your requirements, including weddings, honeymoons, outdoor sports etc.


  • Check in : Please check in at the spa reception at least 15 minutes prior to you scheduled appointment. Late arrivals may result in reduced treatment time.
  • Valuables :The management acceps no responsibility for loss of money or valuable of any kind brought into the spa premises.
  • Special Consideration :Guests who have high blood pressure, heart conditions, allergies, are pregnant or have any other medical complications are advised to consult their doctors before signing up for any spa services. Please make your spa therapist aware of any medical conditions.

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