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72 หมู่ 14 ถนนบางนา - ตราด กม.10.5 บางพลีใหญ่ เขตบางพลี, สมุทรปราการ 10540
ดี, 6.5

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กรีนฟี 18 หลุม หลังเวลา 12.00 น.

กรีนฟี 18 หลุม + แคดดี้ + รถกอล์ฟ หลังเวลา 12.00 น.

กรีนฟี 18 หลุม หลังเวลา 16:30 น.

กรีนฟี 18 หลุม + แคดดี้ + รถกอล์ฟ หลังเวลา 16:30 น.

กรีนฟี 18 หลุม หลังเวลา 17:30 น.

กรีนฟี 18 หลุม + แคดดี้ + รถกอล์ฟ หลังเวลา 17:00 น.

ในวันที่ท่านเลือกเต็มหมดแล้ว!! ขออภัยค่ะ เราไม่พบข้อเสนอใดๆ ที่ท่านต้องการ อาจเป็นเพราะว่า วันที่ท่านระบุบริการของเราเต็มแล้วหรือการให้บริการบางอย่างต้องจองล่วงหน้าอย่างน้อย 12 ชม ค่ะ

กรุณาเปลี่ยนวันใช้บริการ แนะนำ สนามกอล์ฟ อื่น ติดต่อเจ้าหน้าที่

รายละเอียดเกี่ยวกับ ซัมมิทวินมิลล์ กอล์ฟ คลับ

Summit Windmill Golf Club

The perfect life Making everyday a vacation You are comforted by nature s green breathing fresh morning breeze.Playing the game you love most. Experience the highest standard of living at Summit Windmill Golf Club. With more than 400 rais situated on Bangna Trad Rd. We have created an empire of the nature in the heart of the city. Within the nature, a premier golf course that can be played both day and night, freed from constraint of time, is waiting to be challenged.

As a member, you will be able to use our modern baht 600 million clubhouse that has been designed to provide the luxury and comfort you have been longing for. It will also provide a wide array of activities and function to suit individual s need and tastes. Whether it be a relaxing traditional Thai massage, a dip in Japanese bath or a glass of your favorite Bordeaux vintage, our full service clubhouse will have the answer to you needs.

The layout of every hole is beautiful and fair to both amateur and professional golfers, even when they are playing from different tee off. The course is 18 hole Par 72, 6,964 yards from the blue tee, 6,656 yards from the white tee and 5,107 yards form the red tee.

  • Golf Cart 18 holes 900 Baht. (Pay at the counter)
  • Caddy fee 18 holes 350 Baht. (Pay at the counter)
  • Designer: Nick Faldo
  • Summit Windmill Golf Club will be closed from Monday 4 July 2016 until Monday 26 September 2016 to the public every Monday for renovation and maintenance.
Prices are subject to change without prior notice.


    สถานที่ท่องเที่ยวหรือโรงแรมใกล้ ซัมมิทวินมิลล์ กอล์ฟ คลับ

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    Real reviews from real guests

    Nice golf course, good mainten

    The layout requires you to use different clubs. The green and fairway are in good shape. Food in the restaurant is good. After a game, take a lunch there, walk back to hotel, is very pleasent and relaxing. There are two hotels in site to choose for lodging. The golf course is close to airport and Mega Bang Na, make it is very conveience after golf. Night golf is also available.

    / United States / Mon,Jan 15, 2018


    Very handy to downtown Bangkok

    The course is a good layout which will challenge all standards of golfer. if you are lucky enough to play off the back tees you will need to be able to hit long off the tee to get into a position to threaten the green. Downhill putts are extremely fast and some of the greens are very large, making accuracy very important. If you're frightened of water hazards it's probably best to avoid here. Due to tha mount of water it is also advisable to bring mosquito repellant if you decide to play later in the day under the floodlights. All in all, it's a great place to spend and afternoon or evening.

    / Tue,Jun 18, 2019


    Nice course and close by to city

    The Summit course is well-maintained and challenging. With the recent upgrading the clubhouse & facilities look much better.

    / Tue,Jun 18, 2019


    Excellent course with good challenge

    The location is relatively near to Bangkok city. Also the caddies are generally knowledgeable and pleasant. Course is challenging.

    / Tue,Jun 18, 2019


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