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Living Thailand Eco Samui Tour

ดี, 6.5

537 รีวิว

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The full exciting day trip start departing from the hotel heading to Thai cooking show where you can see how the famous Thai dishes cook using the fresh veggies and ingredients, such as papaya salad. Then go to see the monkey show to collect coconut on the trees and learn the coconut production. Relax at OTOP souvenir shop where you will enjoy shopping and seeing the handicraft made by the recycled coconut woods. Get more exciting feeling with elephant trekking and feeding these adorable elephants with their favorites after the long ride. Then, you can swim in the natural pool at the biggest waterfall of the island, Na-Muang. Refresh with the authentic Thai lunch at local Thai restaurant before impressing with the spectacular view of the shore on the top of Samui. Next stop is the stone sculpture magical garden where you can find a lot of statues of gods, demons and animals including the sculptures of Nim Thongsuk, the creator of this magical garden which was established in 1976. Not only the sculptures but you can see the great view of the tropical forest and enjoy the natural surroundings. This garden is in the hill top and the river flow passing through giving you a fantastic and mystical feel. Then, take a panoramic picture at the mountain view point where you will experience the moment like in the postcards picture. Finish our journey at Wat Khun Aram where you can be amazed with minified body of Buddhist monk in the mediation posture since his death 2 decades ago. Then transfer you back to the hotel to get some rest from the long fun day.


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